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MCP180 Concrete Saw


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Robin EH34D 11.0hp Engine with self-propelled drive and a Screw type depth adjustment.. Weight 138kg. Blade Diameter 10" - 18". 6.0L Fuel Tank. Complete with a 45L water tank. Made in Japan.

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Specification Comparison

Concrete Saws Engine Weight Blade Diameter Cutting Depth Fuel Tank Water Tank
HC120 Honda GX160. 55kg. 10-12". 80-105mm. 3.6L Fuel Tank. Includes 16L Water Tank.

MCP140 (HC140)

Robin EH25 (Honda GX240)

123kg. 10-14". 70-125mm. 6.0L Fuel Tank. Includes 45L Water Tank.

MCP180 (HC180)

Robin EH34 (Honda GX390)

138kg. 10-18". 70-175mm. 6.0L Fuel Tank. Includes 45L Water Tank.