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MCP180 Concrete Saw


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When it comes to heavy-duty hard rock concrete cutters, you need a reliable and powerful concrete saw that can easily handle any job in NZ. That's where Meiwa's MCP180 Petrol Concrete Saw comes in. This concrete saw can handle even the toughest cutting jobs with a self-propelled drive and a Screw type depth adjustment.

Why Is MCP180 Better Than Other Hard Rock Concrete Cutters?

With a weight of 138kg, the saw is designed to be sturdy and robust. It also boasts a 10" - 18" blade diameter range, making Meiwa's MCP180 Petrol Concrete Saw perfect for a wide range of cutting applications. Moreover, you can work longer without stopping and refilling the fuel and water tank thanks to the saw's 6.0L fuel tank and 45L water tank.

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Specification Comparison

Concrete Saws Engine Weight Blade Diameter Cutting Depth Fuel Tank Water Tank
HC120 Honda GX160. 55kg. 10-12". 80-105mm. 3.6L Fuel Tank. Includes 16L Water Tank.

MCP140 (HC140)

Robin EH25 (Honda GX240)

123kg. 10-14". 70-125mm. 6.0L Fuel Tank. Includes 45L Water Tank.

MCP180 (HC180)

Robin EH34 (Honda GX390)

138kg. 10-18". 70-175mm. 6.0L Fuel Tank. Includes 45L Water Tank.