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Reversible Plate Compactors

Reversible Plate Compactors

MEIWA reversible plate compactors are designed for cutting-edge performance and hassle-free maintenance. Our range includes a variety of small construction equipment for light and more heavy-duty compaction tasks.

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Why buy reversible Plate Compactors from MEIWA?

A reversible compactor provides you with the same convenience and reliability of a normal plate compactor with the additional benefit of going in reverse. This feature gives you greater manoeuvrability on the ground. This is especially useful for larger roading and construction projects that cover a wide area.

  1. As a MADE IN JAPAN – MEIWA product, you can trust that it is designed and engineered to an example of excellence.
  2. This fully Japanese made reversible compactor is designed for better operator experience. Reducing operator time so you can meet critical deadlines.
  3. Made with a robust steel frame, it is highly durable and less susceptible to damage.
  4. The bottom plates are made with Japanese steel which has been treated to resist wear and tear caused by frequent use.
  5. The handle gives your workers a strong grip for better manoeuvrability and control.
  6. It is designed with a lower operating mass to be more comfortable and for faster response.

Quality reversible Plate Compactors online

If you’re looking for reliable, Japan-made reversible compactors for sale, MEIWA  is what you are looking for. Our range offers you excellent choice, easily meeting your concrete paving and small to medium construction needs. 

The RP60 compactor is ideal for light compaction jobs such as pathways and driveways, suitable for thinner macadam beds and moving around corners nimbly. The RP200H has bigger plate sizes, lower vibration frequency, a 5.3L fuel tank, and a centrifugal force of 2800kgf. The RP300HX offers exceptional traction for medium and deep compaction while holding a vibration frequency of 67Hz.

Our reversible plate compactors are equipped with Honda and Yanmar (petrol and diesel) engines. The Honda GX commercial series is known for its low emission, low noise levels and high power output. Yanmar engines are CARB and EPA compliant and offer smooth, high-speed operation thanks to their counter-balancing system. These engines are a single-cylinder, four-cycle, air-cooled engine that offers a combination of high efficiency, low emissions, minimal noise and strong power output. Besides compactors, they are used extensively in generators, pressure washers, log splitters, air compressors and water pumps.

The quality engines offer benefits such as higher uptime and less servicing. Overall, MEIWA reversible plate compactors deliver top value and are popular purchases as well as rentals. Whether it is time to replace your current equipment or you need reversible plates for use on construction sites with tight and confined layouts, we’ve got you covered.

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