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Innovative Japanese Construction Equipment by Meiwa NZ

Meiwa NZ – Your Source of Japan-Quality Compact Equipment Manufacturers

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Excellence in design and engineering. High-performance equipment. Innovative Japanese technology. These are just some of the advantages you get when you choose Meiwa NZ.

Any type of roadwork is difficult, no matter the scale. The right tools and equipment have the ability to complete the process faster and easier.

As a light compact equipment manufacturer, Meiwa NZ has the expertise and resources to streamline your operations. Our range of rollers, rammers, plate compactors, reversible plates, and concrete saws gives you a variety of options. Choose the best tools for your needs.

Meiwa NZ is proud to bring Japan-quality construction equipment to New Zealand businesses. We are in close contact with the head office in Japan to make sure that our inventoryis well-stocked at all times.


Plate Compactors

From footpaths to roads, our range of plate compactors is ideal for all types of roadwork. We carry designs to suit your specific needs.

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Designed and built for high output performance, our rammers are the preferred choice for construction works. We use Robin engines for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

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Concrete Saws

Ergonomically engineered for high-performance cutting, our concrete saws will improve productivity. Its lightweight design also makes it easier for handling for your operator's convenience.

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Reversible Plate Compactors

Our reversible plate compactors are designed for superiormanoeuvrability and control.

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Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. Our sales representatives will help you choose the best equipment for you. We are a small compact equipment supplier you can count on.

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