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MR25H Vibratory Roller


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Introducing Meiwa's Vibratory Roller Compactor MR25H, the perfect soil compactor roller in NZ with low emissions. Featuring a powerful Honda GX160 5.0hp engine, this soil compactor roller weighs in at 270kg and includes a 20L water tank for improved compaction results.

What Makes Drum Roller Compactor MR25H So Special?

With a drum size diameter of 457mm and width of 560mm, the MR25H Vibratory Roller Compactor is designed to deliver exceptional results with a travelling speed of 0-2.4km/h. This vibratory roller compactor also boasts a vibration frequency of 74.0Hz (4460vpm) and a centrifugal force of 8.3Kn (850kgf), ensuring you can do the job with zero risk and efficiently whether you're compacting soil or asphalt.

Call us today on 09 283 9658 or contact us online. Invest in Meiwa's MR25H Drum Roller Compactor today and improve your compaction game.

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Specification Comparison

Rollers Engine Operating Weight Drum Size Travelling Speed Vibration Frequency Centrifugal Force
MR25H Honda GX160 5.0hp . 270kg. Diameter 457mm Width 560mm. Forward/Reverse 0-2.4km/h. 74.0Hz (4460vpm). 8.3Kn (850kgf).
MSR5KM Kubota EA300 7.0hp Electric Start Watercooled Diesel . 598kg. Diameter 356mm Width 575mm. Forward/Reverse 0-3.5km/h. 55.0Hz (3300vpm). 11.8Kn (1200kgf).
MSR6KM Kubota EA300 7.0hp Electric Start Watercooled Diesel . 642kg. Diameter 356mm Width 635mm. Forward/Reverse 0-3.5km/h. 55.0Hz (3300vpm). 13.7Kn (1400kgf).
MSR7M Kubota EA300 7.0hp Electric Start Watercooled Diesel . 737kg. Diameter 406mm Width 650mm. Forward/Reverse 0-3.5km/h. 55.0Hz (3300vpm). 20.0Kn (2040kgf).