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RP60 Reversible Plate Compactor


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Introducing Meiwa's RP60 Reversible Compactor, designed to deliver high performance and durability for all your compacting needs in NZ. With a powerful Robin EX13D 4.3hp Engine, this transport-friendly reversible compactor weighs in at just 70kg, making it easy to manoeuvre around the site.

What Makes RP60 Reversible Plate Compactors NZ the Best?

Whether you're working on pathways, driveways or drainage projects, the RP60 Reversible Plate Compactor can easily handle the job. Its travel speed of 0-20 m/min makes it capable of handling every job easily, while the 2.7L fuel tank ensures you can work longer without refuelling. Featuring a plate size of 470 x 350mm and a vibration frequency of 93.0Hz (5600vpm), the RP60 is built to provide exceptional compaction results.

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Specification Comparison

Reversible Plates Engine Weight Plate Size Travelling Speed Vibration Frequency Centrifugal Force Fuel Tank
RP60 Robin EX13D 4.3hp . 70kg. 470 x 350mm. 0-20 m/min. 93.0Hz (5600vpm). 15.2Kn (1550kgf). 2.7L
RP100 Robin EX17D 5.6hp . 115kg. 570 x 380mm. 0-20 m/min. 75.0Hz (4500vpm). 23.0Kn (2350kgf). 3.6L
RP150 Honda GX160 5.0hp . 150kg. 630 x 390mm. 0-20 m/min. 70.0Hz (4200vpm). 24.5Kn (2500kgf). 3.1L
RP200H Honda GX240 7.0hp . 240kg. 740 x 450mm. 0-20 m/min. 70.0Hz (4200vpm). 27.4Kn (2800kgf). 5.3L
RP300 Yanmar L70V6 6.5hp Diesel . 325kg. 860 x 450mm. 0-20 m/min. 67.0Hz (4000vpm). 41.2Kn (4200kgf). 3.3L
RP300HX Honda GX390 13.0hp . 340kg. 860 x 590mm. 0-20 m/min. 67.0Hz (4000vpm). 41.2Kn (4200kgf). 6.1L
RP300X Yanmar L70V6 6.5hp Diesel . 340kg. 860 x 590mm. 0-20 m/min. 67.0Hz (4000vpm). 41.2Kn (4200kgf). 3.3L