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Japan-Quality Concrete Cutting Saws from Meiwa NZ

Precise, durable and ergonomic, MEIWA concrete saw cutters are a sought-after option for cutting concrete, asphalt, masonry and other solid materials. Our products offer a robust construction, with low vibrations that reduce operator fatigue and increase handling comfort. Our concrete cutting saw is designed to streamline operations without sacrificing quality and safety.
MADE IN JAPAN – MEIWA is renowned for their long standing excellence in the design and engineering since 1945.
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MEIWA concrete saws are equipped with Robin EH engines, which are regarded as the workhorses of the Subaru commercial-grade engine line. They deliver smooth torque and low fuel consumption throughout the rpm range. Save on petrol with this concrete saw. Additionally, the air-cooled engines benefit from easy startability and low emissions, being EPA Phase 2 and CARB Tier II compliant. The versatile engine series is used in a variety of construction and industrial equipment, including vibratory rollers, concrete saws, trenchers and lawn movers.

We also carry concrete floor saws equipped with water tanks. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a 16L to a 45L water tank. The tank is corrosion-resistant, and keeps the blade cool and lubricated for seamless, continual, no-hassle performance. This feature reduces the amount of debris and dust particles that are prone to be inhaled by your workers.

When you buy our concrete saw cutters, you are assured:

  • Throttle control that aids straight line cutting
  • Screw Type Drive system ensures controlled straight cutting
  • Solid grip that ensures excellent control
  • Lightweight design that makes light work of handling and operating the cutter
  • Easy-to-remove water tank that delivers optimum water flow to the blade
  • Power-to-weight ratio is optimized for operator comfort and task efficiency

Tips on Choosing Concrete Saws Online

Walk-behind concrete saw cutters are ideal for projects such as path work or smaller restorations, where cutting depths up to 175mm are required. They are suited to residential and commercial applications such as expansion cuts in small to medium floor areas, patios, driveways, walkways and sidewalks. These industrial concrete saws are also easily transportable, fitting into a pick-up truck to go out and do the job.

Above all they reduce the operators fatigue and back injuries received while using hand-held saws.

The power and size ratings of the concrete cutters affect the number, length and depth of cuts. Review the engine carefully as it a major determinant of the saw’s ability to hold the blade at the necessary rpms under full load. Look through our range of walk-behind concrete saws for sale. We’ll help you choose the right one for your operations.

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