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5 Points to Consider Before You Buy Plate Compactors NZ

A plate compactor is a construction site essential. Find out what to look for when choosing one for your projects, with expert advice from the team at Meiwa. Factors such as weight, plate size, travelling speed, fuel tank capacity and centrifugal force rating will all influence your decision. In this post, Meiwa discusses why they matter. Feel free contact our team to enquire about our range of industry-leading compactors for builders and landscapers throughout New Zealand.


Plate Size

Wider plates cover more land in a single pass, so it’s important to consider plate size when choosing your plate compactor. With wider plates, you’ll be able to get simple jobs done more quickly, but if confined space is a factor, then smaller plates can give you the manoeuvrability you need. Think about the type of plate size you might need for your heavy plate compactor or ask us at Meiwa for advice.



The petrol plate compactor's size and weight both have a role in deciding how well it performs. Another crucial factor is the number of vibrations per minute (VPM). A greater VPM is required for the compaction of asphalt and granular materials, whereas a lower VPM is required for cohesive soils. Choose your small compactor with this in mind.


Centrifugal Force

You must also take into account the centrifugal force it generates; if it is insufficient, you will be unable to complete the task but too much centrifugal force will reverse the good work. Finding the right balance is essential when looking for the best plate compactor. Centrifugal force is often misunderstood as simply meaning a simple measure of how hard the plate hits the surface, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Our team at Meiwa can help you understand what level of centrifugal force you need so feel free to get in touch today.


Travelling Speed

Speed is an important part of how well your heavy plate compactor will get the job done. Some Meiwa models can cover 24-27m/min while slower models take in 17-20m/min. Consider what you need for your project and ask the Meiwa team if you need any advice when choosing a small compactor.


Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel tank capacity will determine how long your heavy plate compactor can run for at a time, so a high tank capacity will be crucial if you want to get the job done quickly and without interruptions. Our team can provide you with more information about what kind of coverage you will get from the range of fuel tank capacities available.

Contact the team at Meiwa for help with finding the best plate compactor for your need. Our petrol plate compactor range includes something for every need, so call us on 09 283 9658.

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