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Advice on How to Use Concrete Cutters in New Zealand

Concrete cutters are an essential tool for New Zealand building and landscaping projects, but do you know how best to use them to achieve maximum efficiency in your work? Read on to see how Meiwa concrete cutting equipment could aid you in a wide range of projects when you need to cut stones and slabs.


Prepping Your Workspace

First, clear your work area, lay protective plastic to contain dust and put on protective clothing and eyewear. Try to cut concrete when it’s half cured to avoid fracturing.


Pick the Right Saw

Both wet and dry hard rock concrete cutters are suitable for the majority of concrete cutting operations. The choice between wet and dry is partly a question of personal preference. Wet saws produce a slurry, but they keep the dust to a minimum.

Consider a walk-behind saw for large jobs on the floor. These heavy (wet) saws cut the straightest and deepest lines, avoiding the need for repeated shallow cuts. Water keeps the dust at bay while also keeping those large blades cool.


Pick the Right Blade

A diamond concrete saw blade is usually the best option. As the diamonds get dull, they fall away, exposing fresh ones, ensuring high-performance cutting for the long term.


Make the Cut

Attach a flat, clean board along the line you’ve marked for the cut. Keep a solid two-handed grip on the saw and carefully advance it against the guide board.

Make multiple shallow cuts with a portable concrete saw instead of one deep cut. This improves saw control while also keeping the blade cooler. After each pass, turn off the saw and gradually raise the blade depth in 12-inch increments.

Allow the saw to do the work and this way you can avoid overheating. You only need to point it in the direction of the cut.


Meiwa Petrol Concrete Saw Range

A Meiwa petrol concrete saw offers you a smooth and efficient cutting experience. If you’re looking for hard rock concrete cutters that can make light work of your cutting needs, then Meiwa has the right model for you. Precision, durability and ergonomic design make cutting with a Meiwa easy and hassle-free.

Landscapers and builders across New Zealand have been trusting Meiwa products to help them deliver their projects for many years.

Our team can offer you recommendations and advice to help you find the right model. We’re always on hand to answer your questions and tell you more about the many benefits of Meiwa concrete saws.

Find out about Meiwa’s range of concrete cutting equipment. Contact our team now for expert advice and guidance on 09 283 9658 and we will be happy to help you.

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