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The Benefits of Small Roller Compactors in New Zealand

Builders and landscapers across New Zealand find that there is a range of benefits to using a small roller compactor. In this post, Meiwa discusses some of the key advantages of a single drum roller compactor with our helpful guide below.

From their manoeuvrability to their suitability for rough terrain, your project is certain to benefit from these agile and durable machines. That’s why they are used on so many projects across the country.



A small roller compactor will give you extra manoeuvrability when it comes to working in tight spaces or enclosed areas. A large earth compactor roller might be more efficient in compacting large, even areas in open space, but it won’t get far on uneven terrain or walled areas. Choose a single drum roller compactor for the added flexibility you need to work in tight spaces.


Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of a single drum earth compactor roller from Meiwa means that it is easier to use, for longer. Operators will be able to get the job done more quickly and more efficiently because the design allows them to work more comfortably for longer periods. Easy and comfortable operation is just one of the many ways in which a small roller compactor can provide efficiency benefits to any project.


Extended Operation

With a Meiwa earth compactor roller, you can rely on extended operation times due to considerable fuel tank capacity and fuel efficiency. Extended operation on a soil compactor roller allows you to get the job done quickly and provides efficiencies for your project.


Vibration Control

Meiwa’s single drum roller compactor range includes a lever for easy vibration control by the operator. Controlling vibration allows you to control the level of compaction, adjusting vibration to the needs of each job and the surface you are working on. By having greater control, you can ensure you work at maximum efficiency and complete each job on schedule.



A soil compactor roller from Meiwa delivers incredible durability, which means you can count on reduced downtime and fewer maintenance requirements, allowing you to keep your machine running from project to project without slowing you down. For more information, get in touch with the team at Meiwa and explore the range of models we have to offer.

Our small roller compactors are a popular option for compacting asphalt, dirt, and granular materials and are known as a high-quality, reliable, and ergonomic option for landscapers and builders across New Zealand.

Find out more about the benefits of a small roller compactor by calling the team at Meiwa today. We are always happy to tell you more about our products, so call us on 09 283 9658.

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