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Most Popular Picks for Reversible Plate Compactors NZ

A reversible plate compactor is the perfect solution for concrete paving and small-to-medium-scale construction. It can achieve deep compaction and delivers a range of benefits to streamline your project progress.

You get the same ease of use and dependability from a reversible plate compactor, with the added bonus of being able to operate in reverse. You can move around the ground more easily thanks to this feature. This is especially helpful for expansive road development and larger-scale building projects.

With a huge variety of configurations, you can find the functionality you need to deliver maximum efficiency when you buy plate compactors from Meiwa. If you’re not sure which model to go for, then our knowledgeable and experienced team are always here to guide you and take you through the range of specs and features we have available.


Meiwa Specifications

The RP60 reversible plate compactor is perfect for minor compaction tasks like paths and driveways. It is compatible with thinner macadam beds and manoeuvres well around bends. The RP200H features larger plate diameters, a 5.3L fuel tank, a 2800kgf centrifugal force, and decreased vibration frequency. With a vibration frequency of 67Hz, the RP300HX provides great traction for moderate and heavy compaction. If you’re looking for the best plate compactor, the Meiwa range will include something for you.



A Honda or Yanmar (petrol and diesel) engine powers every Meiwa reversible compactor. Honda's GX commercial series is renowned for its strong power output, low noise levels, and low pollution levels. The counter-balancing technology of Yanmar engines allows for smooth, high-speed running while remaining CARB and EPA-compliant. These engines, which have a single cylinder, four cycles, and are air-cooled, combine excellent efficiency with low emissions, little noise, and substantial power production. In addition to compactors, they are widely utilised in water pumps, generators, pressure washers, wood splitters, and air compressors.


Why Choose a Meiwa?

Reversible plate compactors from Meiwa are built for modern performance and easy maintenance. We provide a selection of small construction tools for both easy and difficult compaction jobs.

A Meiwa reversible compactor offers excellent value. Whether you want to upgrade your current machine or need something for compacting surfaces in confined or tight spaces on site, Meiwa offers the right machine for every application. Speak to our team today and let us advise you on our plate compactor range. You’ll soon see why our machines are favoured by builders and landscapers throughout New Zealand, on a wide variety of projects.

Buy plate compactors from Meiwa today. Just contact our team on 09 283 9658 and we’ll be happy to help you find the best plate compactor for your project.


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