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Guide to Soil Compactor Roller Engines in New Zealand

When choosing a soil compactor roller, it is important to know about the range of options available and what combination of features will deliver the benefits you need for landscaping, building and roadworks. Understanding the types of soil compactor roller engines available in New Zealand will help you make the right choice.

With Meiwa machines, you can always be sure of the quality, whichever model you go for, but knowing how the Honda GX160 5.0hp and Kubota EA300 7.0hp differ from each other will mean you can find the right functionality for the types of projects you take on.


Honda GX160

The Honda GX160 powers our MR25H earth compactor roller and offers considerable power output and performance and low noise and emissions. It’s a workhorse that will go on and on, ensuring that you’re never hindered in your project by machinery downtime. The MR25H is a single drum roller that delivers exceptional mobility when working on uneven surfaces or in enclosed spaces, and the Honda GX160 is the perfect engine for this type of roller. Speak to the team at Meiwa if you’re looking for a single drum roller and we’ll be able to tell you more.


Kubota EA300 7.0hp

Our MSR5KM, MSR6KM and MSR7M vibrating roller compactor models are equipped with the Kubota EA300 7.0hp. For over three decades, this powerful and reliable engine has been underpinning a wide range of projects. It complies with Tier 4 Final emission laws, is asbestos-free, and incorporates a high-speed flyweight governor for steady operation at low revolution speeds.

The water-cooled, diesel-powered engines make quick work of difficult terrain while reducing operator fatigue. Our small roller compactor has more compacting force and can handle more difficult terrain or hills. You may also avoid the periodic maintenance and adjustments required by chain-powered rollers.


Drum Size and Operating Weight

Your earth compactor roller will need to have the right drum size and operating weight for the type of work you do. The MR25H has a single drum that’s larger in diameter than the double drum models, It has a smaller operating weight of 270kg. The MSR5KM, MSR6KM and MSR7M each have two smaller drums and larger operating weights, which deliver more efficient compaction over large surface areas but less mobility and adaptability in small and enclosed spaces.


Get Expert Advice

If you want to know which drum roller compactor features you should be looking for when choosing your machine, then contact the experienced team at Meiwa and get expert advice. We will help you find the drum roller compactor that will serve you well for many years.

Enquire about a vibrating roller compactor from the experienced team at Meiwa. Just call us on 09 283 9658.

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