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A Guide to Trench Rammers

Effective and versatile, trench rammers are the ideal tool to add to your repertoire. Packed with innovative features, these tools offer convenience in small spaces where you need to compact soil. The most important part of any project is to provide stability and structure. Ensuring your soil is compact provides a sturdy base, crucial for any build. Taking into account a multitude of factors from soil to job type, a trench rammer might be what your site is missing! 

What is a Trench Rammer?

Trench rammers are a versatile powerful tool, used to effectively compact soil. Ideal for compaction in trenches, around man-holes and foundation footings, these tools break bonds between soil particles using a high, concentrated impact force. With an upright design, this effective powerful tool is easy to manoeuvre and is usually used in small and constricted spaces. Compacting multiple types of soil, these tools are used to displace the air and water amid layers of clay, soil, graded chip, fines and other aggregate.
What is the Difference Between a Trench Rammer & a Compactor? <H2> 
With a range of different ways to achieve structure and stability to your project, the most common way to compact soil is using a trench rammer or a compactor. Choosing the right one is detrimental to achieve the job at hand as this is the most important part of any project. Which should you use? It all depends on the materials you're using, what the structure looks like and the overall job at hand.

Soil types

With the likes of gravel and sand, these loose soils can be compacted whether wet or dry. Granular soil is prone to crumbling as it doesn't have cohesive strength, making them unlikely to be moulded like their cohesive soil type counterparts. Compactors are ideal for this soil type as they use vibrations, giving them the ability to settle the soil while it compacts. 
Cohesive soil on the other hand is more firmly held together with their high clay content. Requiring a certain amount of moisture for compaction, this soil type can often become too wet or dry and result in improper compaction or air bubbles. With a narrow plate size, rammers provide a direct compaction, making them ideal for use with these soils.

Job Type

The narrow foot on a rammer makes them perfect for a deeper, more focused action. With their slim and upright style, combined with their easy to manoeuvre design, trenches and tight spots should be compacted with a rammer. The job can be completed faster with the ability to add and compact a deeper amount of soil, making compacting a smaller area or trench easier and more effective with a rammer. 
For surfaces that are greater and flat, compactors are your tool! Compared to rammers, compactors have wider plates making them ideal to spread force over larger areas. Boasting an ergonomic design, a compactors weight and operating procedure makes them perfect for bigger jobs. 

MEIWA Rammers

Made in Japan, MEIWA boasts quality trench rammers. With innovative features including air filtration for long term benefits, carburation performance, smooth operation, ease of use through stability and balance and convenient transportation, we have the rammer for you! Contact us today to see how our trench rammers can assist your next project!

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