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Caring for Your Petrol Concrete Saw

There is nothing worse than starting a job and your tools aren't working properly. Caring for your tools is an important part of the profession and you can make your day-to-day tasks easier with routine maintenance. 
Leave the serious repairs to a professional but regular maintenance can be easily achieved by you and your team. Simple daily, weekly and monthly tasks can increase the longevity of your tools and ensure they are used to their full capacity in a safe way. In this blog, Meiwa explores the ways in which you can care for your petrol concrete saw, from cleaning to inspections.

The Right Tool

Firstly, do you have the right blade? Whether you’re working with asphalt, green concrete or cured concrete, using the right blade for the right job is essential. Never force the blade to do anything it doesn't want to do. This can cause damage to the tool and harm to yourself or others around you. Double check the tool you're using is the correct one. 

Keep Your Saw Clean

An easy way to ensure your saw stays in good condition is cleaning it at the end of every day. When you saw concrete and any other material, a slurry is built up, creating a residue which coats the blade and blade guards. Cleaning this off with cool water with a pressure hose is a great way to remove the residue. Doing this as soon as you can after the task makes for easier removal. Concrete cleaner or Concrete dissolver can also be used if concrete residue has hardened onto the machine.

What to Inspect

Daily inspections are imperative and a great way to ensure the longevity and operational safety of your saw:

Before starting each day, run a routine maintenance check or inspect the following items to ensure trouble free performance.

Check fluid/fuel lines, hoses, fittings, filler openings, drain plugs, pressure cap, muffler, safety shrouds and the area underneath the unit for signs of leakage or damage. Fix any leaks and correct any damage before operating.

Inspect the entire unit for damaged, missing or loose parts and repair or replace them as needed.

Check the fuel level before starting.

Do not operate if there are about any missing or damaged parts to your machine. 

Basic Troubleshooting:
If your saw it’s lacking power, accelerating poorly or hard to start this could be a fuel or air restriction. Firstly, check the fuel supply, and then check the air filter and clean (or replace) this if necessary. The fuel system is an integral part to your saw. Inspect the fuel hose, fuel cap and seal. If there is any damage, replace it. If your machine has a fuel filter, this should be replaced regularly (annually at the least).
If your saw is not running, or cuts out after a few minuets, this could be an electrical fault. Firstly, replace the spark plug. A spark plug needs replacing regularly (recommended annually). Make sure the saw is turned off before touching the spark plug or plug lead. The spark plug and ignition lead can cause electric shock if damaged.
Your starter cord should always be in good condition. If it is showing signs of wear, this can mean it is time to replace it. 

“A well oiled and cared for machine works much harder and longer than any other machine”

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