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Most Common Applications for A Plate Compactor NZ-Wide

What are the most common applications for a plate compactor NZ-wide? This type of machinery is used across a wide variety of projects including residential and commercial construction and landscaping and civil works. There’s a plate compactor for every type of job and material. In this post, Meiwa discusses how you might use a petrol plate compactor on your project, whether you’re carrying out small landscaping jobs or large-scale road surfacing or repair projects.

Residential Building

A petrol plate compactor is often used on residential building projects to increase the load-bearing capacity of a particular surface so that construction takes place on a well-supported foundation. This is of vital importance when construction residential homes. The type of heavy plate compactor used will depend on the soil type, and whether it is granular (made up of gravel and sand), or cohesive (made of silts and clay). The team at Meiwa can help to recommend the best plate compactor for your project.

Commercial Construction

As with residential building, commercial construction projects will often need a heavy plate compactor to create a hard substrate on which to build. Large-scale commercial building projects may require heavy-duty, industrial-level plate compactors, which can compact large surface areas efficiently. A plate compactor will deliver a sturdy base to ensure safety and stability and sound foundations for any major construction project.


Landscaping projects, particularly those in residential settings, may use a small plate compactor such as Meiwa’s KP30 to compact soils in gardens, or to construct driveways, paving or pathways. These types of plate compactor can often be transported in small to medium vehicles and are portable enough to be used on one-person, small-scale jobs. If you’re looking for the best plate compactor for small landscaping jobs, contact Meiwa today.

Public Roads

Civil works such as the construction of public roads require specialist heavy plate compactor models that are designed specifically for road work, such as the Meiwa KP80W. These compactors can work with bitumen and road base to create an even surface. As road projects require large areas to be compacted, a specialist compactor is designed to deliver efficient and high-quality performance over long stretches of surface. 

Meiwa’s Plate Compactors

Meiwa’s plate compactors deliver exceptional performance and incredible durability, with models for every type of application. These Japanese-made, state-of-the-art machines are used across New Zealand and around the world for their reliability and quality results. If you’re looking for new plate compactors for your projects, contact the team for an expert recommendation.

Contact Meiwa today to find out which plate compactor will be best for your required application. Call us now on 09 283 9658 and get expert advice from our team.

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