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Small Roller Compactor For Sale

Regardless of how long you may have been in the construction industry you would have seen or perhaps operated a small walk behind-roller compactor. They are a sought-after piece of equipment for any kind of works on asphalt (and/or bitumen), granular material or soil compaction.

As a world renowned light compact equipment manufacturer, Meiwa Japan has the experience of manufacturing the world’s most reliable rollers since 1945. If you are looking for reliability and long-term return on investment, Meiwa is what you are looking for. All our rollers are equipped with either a Honda or Kubota engine. With your roller being fitted with one of these engines gives you the peace of mind that your engine will be able to keep going strong and reliably for the life of the machine.

The Honda engine will be fitted in the MR25H models, which is highly regarded for having excellent power output and performance with low noise and emissions.

Where the Kubota engine will be found in our MSR5KM, MSR6KM and MSR7M models. These engines have been powering a wide range of machines reliably for well over 30 years. They are well known for their long service lifetime, quick and easy to start, and stable power and operation at low revolution speeds.

While there are other brands available in the market today, none of them can compete with the high quality that we know from Meiwa. Who has been providing excellence in their design and engineering since 1945!

Depending on the size of your jobs and the depth of compaction you require you have different weights and styles of roller compactors to choose from. We have the:

Single drum roller & the Tandem drum roller: these types of rollers are suitable for maintaining roads, gymnasiums, sports ground, parking areas, garden lawns, backfilling for pipelines and drainage trenches. This style of compaction gets the best results on non-cohesive materials like, sandy soil, crushed rock/stone, gravel and sand-macadam mixture.

Vibratory rollers are a perfect choice for when high compaction levels or compaction depths are required. With their weight, speed, balance, and the perfect vibration frequency combined they have a reputation for superior operator control and comfort along with excellent performance.

The vibratory roller is mainly used in many applications, including compaction of bituminous surfaces, gravel walkways and driveways, concrete preparation, on building and other construction site. They are often used on smaller asphalt jobs, but make sure you have a water sprinkling system fitted. All Meiwa models come with large water tanks and sprinkler systems fitted.

Small Roller Compactor

If you require any more information or would like to get in contact with our helpful team at Meiwa please get in Contact with us.

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