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The Importance of a Plate Compactor

Over the years compaction equipment has become more versatile due to the evolving workspace and compaction equipment suppliers have manufactured new models to match the demands on these modern jobsites. Today, plate compactors are the subject matter, looking at the importance of this construction machinery and the reasons why this is an essential tool for an array of different jobs.  

Plate compactors are an indispensable tool that is used to compress a various range of soil and gravels, applied to produce, and repair roads, driveways, landscaping sites, floor pads and a lot more. Although the shape and size of the plate vary, they mainly consist of heavy steel or cast iron. Ranging from 28 to 59 centimetres wide with the ability to generate around 500 to 4200 kilograms of centrifugal force depending on their weight and design. 


The Situations when a Plate Compactor is Necessary

The main purpose of this machinery is to prepare an area of land (a sub-base) for finished layer of concrete or asphalt, being a key step in creating a firm base for a long-lasting surface or a solid base structure. If not done correctly, many uncertainties can occur and lead to concrete/asphalt damage, cracking and potholes. Such as weather events exposing the land to water and cold/hot environments, which if the soil is not properly compacted can result in the surfaces shifting and pushing against the finished top layer. Therefore, when creating roads, building foundations, and even public walking zones, operating a well-designed plate compactor (that is designed to compact to a good depth) prior to setting the concrete or asphalt is essential. 


The Types of Plate Compactor Designs

Due to the diversity of projects that require a plate compactor, the machinery is made in a variety of designs. The major three are the single-direction plate compactor, the reversible plate compactor, and the vibrating Roller.


Single-Plate Compactor

The single-plate compactor, ranging from 37kg to 110kg, is designed to be very versatile to suit many types of smaller jobs and materials. These are also great where the machine needs to be transported from job to job quickly and easily. Being the most popular machinery design, with both tradesmen and larger civil contractors using them for minor projects. Covering road work or landscaping jobs that only required a shallower surface compact.


Reversible Plate Compactor

The other variety of compactor is the reversible plate compactors. Similar to single-plate models, the main difference is their ability to operate both forwards and backwards. As well as this, being larger and heavier, they can penetrate deeper into the soil, giving deeper compaction to the soil or gravel. Although this can be beneficial for certain jobs, this machinery may be too powerful for thin layered surfaces.

Meiwa offers you a wide selection of plate compactors. Made in Japan since 1945. These products are used for small to medium compaction jobs that are being undertaken, perfect for landscapes, builders, drain-layers, roading contractors, civil contractors, and many other construction and infrastructure contracts. From producing exceptional machinery products since 1945, Meiwa has a reputation for offering the highest quality machinery available with exceptional performance and long service reliability, the excellence in manufacturing and the years of experience in the industry has earned them this reputation world-wide.

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