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5 Signs You Need New Concrete Cutting Equipment in NZ

A high-quality petrol concrete saw can make most building and landscaping projects easier by allowing you to smoothly cut through concrete or similar surfaces with specially designed equipment. But do you know when to replace your concrete saw? In this post, Meiwa discusses the five signs you should look out for so that you know when you need to invest in new concrete cutting equipment.


Slow Cutting Speed

If your petrol concrete saw or hard rock concrete cutters are cutting more slowly than usual, it could be a sign that they need to be replaced. A slow cutting speed means that the wear and tear from years of use may be starting to take its toll on your equipment, and it might be time to think about an upgrade. After all, the advantage of concrete cutting equipment is the ease and speed with which you can operate, so don’t put up with slow speeds for long – start looking for a replacement as soon as possible.


Unusual Vibrations

Unusual vibrations can be a sign that your hard rock concrete cutters or concrete saw is struggling with the demands of the job. Your concrete cutting equipment should feel smooth when being used, so abnormal vibrations should be a cause for concern. If your equipment is finding simple concrete cutting difficult and putting up some resistance, that can result in vibrations and you should think about getting new cutters before your concrete saw gives up completely.


Loud Thumping Noises

If you hear loud thumping noises whilst cutting concrete, there could be a fault with your concrete cutting equipment, and if it can’t be repaired then you’ll need to find a replacement. Thumping noises could be due to blunted cutters, which will then prevent the equipment from delivering the smooth cutting experience you usually expect. A replacement is the obvious choice, and you can browse the Meiwa range of concrete saws for a high-quality option.


Worn Diamonds/Bond

Worn diamonds/bond and a visible blade core are a sure-fire sign that your petrol concrete saw is due to be replaced. Diamond is the toughest substance we know, so if it’s worn away then you know it’s time to upgrade. Replacing your cutting equipment will offer a range of advantages, from warranty protection to improved performance and increased durability.


Noticeable Signs of Warping

If you notice signs of warping or other types of damage on your concrete saw, then refrain from using it further and look into getting a new one. Damaged concrete cutting equipment can become dangerous to use, so avoid an accident and ensure smooth operation by browsing Meiwa’s collection of Japan-quality concrete cutting saws today.

Replace your concrete cutting equipment with state-of-the-art options from Meiwa. Contact our team on 09 283 9658 for expert advice.

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