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Uses for A Vibratory Roller Compactor in New Zealand

A vibratory roller compactor is a form of compactor that uses a combination of static and dynamic forces to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the surface. For compaction applications, this type of roller is more efficient than others.

A vibrating roller compactor features a drum that may be used to densify dirt, asphalt, or other materials. Densification is accomplished by transmitting vibrations to the surface. Read on to find out what types of projects might be suited to the use of a vibrating roller compactor and which types of rollers are best for each application. Drum roller compactors come in a variety of designs, from those suitable for smaller jobs to larger, industrial-scale machines for major projects.


Compact Asphalt

When compacting asphalt in small-scale residential or landscaping projects, walk-behind drum roller compactors such as those offered by Meiwa are the ideal type of roller. A small roller compactor such as this has a compact design and is able to deliver precision rolling near to walls and pavements for great manoeuvrability.

For larger asphalt compacting needs, a light tandem drum roller compactor or tandem vibratory roller could be just the ticket. It can start and stop smoothly, offers smart compaction features and is easily serviceable.


Concrete Paving

A tandem vibratory roller is also adept at compacting paving materials, including asphalt mixes and roller-compacted concrete. The two steel drums deliver exceptional double compaction for quicker, more comprehensive results with fewer passes.

Using a drum roller compactor for concrete paving helps to create a smooth and firm surface and is a common feature of most paving projects across New Zealand.


Foundations for Building Projects

Self-propelled rollers are often used when creating the foundations for building projects. These heavy duty rollers are great at compacting ditches and underlayments and are particularly useful for cohesive soils. Towed vibratory rollers are also common on large earthworks projects and allow for work on slopes.


The Meiwa Range

A Meiwa walk-behind small roller compactor is the leading choice for smaller-scale projects that require soil or asphalt compaction. The MSR5KM, for instance, delivers exceptional performance. Made in Japan with amazing durability and a long-lasing design, you can rely on the Meiwa model for many years to come and across a huge range of diverse projects.

You can browse the Meiwa range of low-emission machines or contact the team for expert advice and guidance. Meiwa machines have become a byword for quality and reliability throughout the New Zealand construction, landscaping and earthworks industries, so you can be sure that your investment in a Meiwa product is a sound one.

Find out how to choose the right vibratory roller compactor for your project. Just call Meiwa today on 09 283 9658 and we will be happy to help you find the roller you need.

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