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A Concrete Saw Buying Guide

New power tools make light-work but knowing which ones to get make all the difference to your day-to-day jobs. A concrete saw in your arsenal is important for a range of different tasks.
In this blog, we will explore the different types of concrete saws and how to choose yours based on safety and the task at hand.

Job At Hand

First things first – what do you want to achieve using your concrete saw?

If you want to deep cut, you will need a heavy duty-saw like a walk-behind concrete saw. These will also help cutting evenly in a straight line. As obvious as it is; the deeper the cut, the larger the blade, the more powerful the machine required.

Note. Diamond blades are recommended to be used with water, to reduce harmful dust and improve blade life. So, make sure your saw has a water tank or water fitting.

Most saws now-days are either petrol-powered, or a battery powered. If choosing a battery-powered tool, ensure you have enough power or a spare battery to get you through your day and if choosing petrol, ensure you have some petrol on the site in case you run out.

Types of Concrete Saws

With a multitude of concrete saws on the market, it can be overwhelming to say the least. From gas/petrol-powered, electric, battery-powered, floor saws, wall saws, wire saws, hand-held and walk-behind, the options are almost endless. However they all have a suited purpose. The common units are:

Walk-Behind Concrete Saws

As the name suggests, a walk-behind concrete saw offers a machine that can be operated while standing behind it. This is an efficient cutting device that has high horsepower which can run a larger blade and therefore perform a deeper cut. A walk-behind concrete saw is easier to keep in a straight line and gives a sharper and overall better cut than hand-held concrete saws. These are often powered by petrol or diesel motor.

Hand-Held Concrete Saw

A hand-held concrete saw is powerful and is operated by hand. The benefits of this power tool is that it can be easily transported and manoeuvred. Offering the option to create smaller and neater cuts, this convenient tool is often powered by petrol or battery.


Made in Japan, MEIWA offers walk-behind concrete saws in three weight categories: suitable for any array of heavy-duty jobs and small tasks alike.
These durable concrete saws are built to withstand the harsh condition and provide a long, reliable service life to their contended owners.
Regarded as commercial-grade engines, our saws are equipped with the renowned Honda GX engines. Featuring corrosion-resistant water tanks that keep the blade cool and lubricated for safe, no-hassle performance.
With the well balanced design these are easy to handle and operate, our concrete saws boast throttle control for straight line cutting, solid grip for manoeuvrability and so much more.
For all your concrete saw needs, MEIWA is the place for you! Contact us today to see how our machinery is a cut above the rest.

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