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Choosing The Right Plate Compactor

A tradesperson is only as good as their tools - in this case, their compactors. Plate compactors are used by builders, landscapers, drain-layers and other contractors. These versatile machines are ideal for preparing driveways, roads, retaining walls, paths, footings, drains and more. Often used on dirt, gravel and asphalt, the right plate compactor for your task depends on the earth and the size of the area. 

Single-direction Plate Compactors

The smallest and most lightweight of the plate compactors, a single-direction plate compactor is the ideal solution to compacting ground in small areas. Popular for soil, sand, gravel & asphalt, these compact machines are lightweight enough to lift and man-handle but also offer the perfect compaction ratio for excellent compaction depth. With their comparatively lightweight and compact design, a single plate compactor is easy to move around objects and obstacles.  

KP30 Compactor

Perfect for one person jobs, the KP30 features a compact design. This 37kg machine boasts an easy-to-transport style that will fit in most small to medium cars, this single plate compactor is ideal for confined spaces. Featuring folding handles and a vibration frequency of 91.7Hz (5500vpm), this versatile machine has it all. 

Reversible Plate Compactors

Moving in a forward and backward motion, a reversible plate compactor can easily cover larger areas. Offering a deeper compacting to a larger area than the smaller plates, this tool gives great force exertion and is ideal for driveways, carparks, building pads and roads.  


RP150H Compactor

Made in Japan, the RP150H boasts a Reliable GX160 Honda engine with a vibration frequency of 70.0Hz (4200vpm). Heavy duty and durable, this versatile machine has a plate size of 630 x 390mm and travels at 0-20m/min in forward and reverse. 

Other Factors to Consider

Confirming the dimensions of your compactor and the overall needs of the job at hand are crucial to your decision. Here are a few factors that you shouldn't overlook in your choice. 


Plate Size & Style

The style and size of your compactor affects the action of compacting. A curved plate offers an easy to turn compactor without gouging the material that is being compacted. Check the dimensions of the plate to ensure it's small enough to fit in the area or is large enough to cover the area you need to work in. 

Water Tank

The addition of a water tank creates a layer between the plate and the compacting material, advised with compacting hot asphalt. This removes the likelihood of the warm asphalt sticking to the cold plate. A water tank is an option to most single-direction plate compactors


Power Source

All smaller compactors have a petrol engine, other larger models have the option of petrol or diesel engines. Assess your needs and what is around on site before your purchase. 


The world’s most robustly compactors made in Japan, MEIWA’s extensive range of plate compactors are ideal for any job. Ensuring efficiency and reducing your downtime, our range of compactors streamlines the process of compacting ground. Contact us today or browse our full range of compactors to find the perfect one for your repertoire.

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