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Best Soil Compactor Roller for Ground Preparation in NZ

Are you looking for the best soil compactor roller for ground preparation tasks in New Zealand? When it comes to compacting soil, you’ll need a machine that’s easy to operate and robust, whilst delivering great results every time. Contractors across the country choose Meiwa for durability, performance and ease of use. Find out about the range below and you’ll soon see why our vibrating roller compactor models are the first choice for many construction professionals.


State-of-the-Art Engines

Meiwa walk-behind roller compactors give you options for operational weight, drum size, and centrifugal force rating. They are powered by either Honda or Kubota engines. The MR25H is equipped with the Honda commercial engine GX160, which is known for its high-power output and performance as well as minimal noise and emissions.

For almost three decades, the Kubota EA series engine in the MSR5KM, MSR6KM, and MSR7M has consistently powered a wide range of applications. It is dependable, fulfils Tier 4 Final emission requirements, is asbestos-free, features a high-speed flyweight governor for steady operation at low revolution rates, and is noted for speedy start-ups.


Easy Operation

A Meiwa earth compactor roller is water-cooled and diesel-engine powered, making it easier and less tiring to operate, while also ensuring it can take on difficult terrain. The hydrostatic drive guarantees that the machine starts and stops smoothly. A Meiwa vibrating roller compactor has a higher compacting power and can tackle tougher terrain or gradients more readily, whilst the hand-controlled lever offers full control over vibration. You can also avoid frequent maintenance and adjustments that chain-driven rollers require, as these machines are exceptionally durable and low-maintenance.


Maximum Efficiency

Maximum compaction efficiency is guaranteed in all configurations with a Meiwa vibrating roller compactor, whether you are working on a parking lot, a driveway or a paving project. Our vibratory roller compactor range is ergonomically built to be easier and more comfortable to operate.

Great for curved or abrupt corners, our walk-behind roller compactors provide operators with more control, helping you to keep your project on schedule. If you need a way to compact soil in tight spaces, a Meiwa will do the trick every time.


Low Maintenance and Reduced Downtime

The Honda and Kubota engines that power the Meiwa vibratory roller compactor collection can run for long periods, reducing downtime in your operations and further improving your efficiency on projects. It’s just another reason why Meiwa machines deliver all the benefits you need for efficient, high-quality operations on-site.

Contact Meiwa to enquire about an earth compactor roller that will help to ensure your projects run smoothly. You can call our team for expert advice now on 09 283 9658.

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