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Why NZ Builders Trust the MEIWA Trench Rammer Compactor

Builders and landscapers across New Zealand often need a reliable way to compact tight or awkward spaces and trenches, and a huge number of them rely on a Meiwa trench rammer compactor to get the job done properly. The RTX series of rammer compactor from Meiwa offer air filtration, carburation, operation, balance and transport, with a highly durable build and exceptional performance guaranteed. Read on now to find out why so many builders choose Meiwa when they need a rammer compactor.


The Best Rammer Compactor for the Job

Looking for the best rammer compactor for your project? Meiwa’s RTX series models are available in a range of weights, foot sizes, and engine types.

The RTX55D is an entry-level model which has a 2.5L fuel tank, a Robin EH series engine, and a comfortable 60 kilogram-weight. The rapid start, low noise, low pollution, and fuel efficiency of robin engines are well known. Their construction minimises dry weight and guarantees little vibration, while a strengthened crankcase boosts rigidity and longevity.


A Workhorse of an Engine

A compact four-stroke petrol engine with exceptional performance and dependability powers the RTX80D rammer compactor. This tamping compactor offers high output and performance together with low noise levels and pollutants. a popular choice for a range of uses, including industrial, construction, and drain-laying operations.


Made in Japan

Meiwa mechanical rammer compactors are built in Japan to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing that they will last for many years to come and deliver great results every time. All mechanical rammer compactors have been designed and built to carry a core range of features:


  • Air filtration: A three-way air filtration system that is extra-large. A sustained advantage for equipment used in difficult and dusty environments.
  • Float bowl design: When it comes to vibration performance, the float bowl design carburettor excels.
  • Easy operation: Contractors adore how easily these devices operate, which lessens operator fatigue.
  • Balance: Achieving a faster compaction rate while maintaining stability and comfort thanks to a low centre of gravity
  • Transport: For simple and practical transporting, rollers are fitted to the handle.


Using a Meiwa Rammer Compactor

Our rammers compact various sorts of soils, including cohesive clay in medium and deep layers, foundations, trenches and backfills. Check out our equipment in further detail if you're seeking long-lasting rammers for limited-area compaction and high-compaction applications.

With so many builders, landscapers and earthworks professionals across the country relying on Meiwa machines for their reliable performance, you can’t go wrong with a model from the RTX range.

Contact the knowledgeable team at Meiwa today on 09 283 9658 to find out more about our trench rammer compactor range. Our sales specialists will be happy to discuss trench rammers for your specific needs.

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